2-7-15- As You Like It with Robag Wruhme, Daniel Bell, and Argot Feat. The Black Madonna and More

Robag Wruhme (Pampa, Kompakt, Germany) (Extended Set)
Daniel Bell (Accelerate | Detroit)
Sassmouth B2B Rich Korach (AYLI / god particle / NBFC | Chicago) (AYLI)


The Black Madonna (Argot / The Nite Owl Diner / Smart Bar | Chicago)
Olin (Argot / god particle / Smart Bar | Chicago)
Steve Mizek (Argot / Tasteful Nudes / LWE | Chicago)
Bells & Whistles (AYLI / Four Sweaters)

SOUND: Funktion-One and Opus
VIDEO: All of It Now Visuals
LIGHTS: Synthetic
DECOR: CoreCult

Photos By Shanna Doherty Photography

More Photos at: www.shannadoherty.com
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