H O U S E P I T A L I T Y presents an appearance one of the fastest-rising veteran figures from Chicago's crowded scene, with this exclusive set from: JAMIE 3:26 (Lumberjacks In Hell, Strobelight Honey | Chicago) with support from SF's finest house selectors: BAI-EE (Housepitality, Acid Test SF, AudioJazz | Chi/SF) LARRY GONNELLO JR. (Boombox Affair | San Francisco) Groove Lounge JOHNNY VENETTI (Showdown | San Francisco) "Music has taken me to places in the world I never thought I would see. I have been able to travel and visit many countries and cities. I also have been able to mentally escape from some of the problems I may have been having, due to me being into music. It has literally saved my life." - Jamie 3:26 Photos by Shanna Doherty www.shannadoherty.com