Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HOUSEPITALITY HALLOWEEN w/ DANIEL BELL, TYREL WILLIAMS, MIGUEL SOLARI, & JOEL CONWAY vs. FIL LATORRE ( ( ( ( (H O U S E P I T A L I T Y) ) ) ) ) is proud to announce the second edition of our new Halloween tradition, with this special Halloween party featuring none other than one of the biggest names in techno music:

::DANIEL BELL (Accelerate, Elevate, 7th City | Detroit/Berlin)::
::TYREL WILLIAMS (Acid Test, Housepitality, Bionic | SF/CHI)::
::MIGUEL SOLARI (Housepitality | SF)::

Groove Lounge:

::JOEL CONWAY (Housepitality, Bubble | SF)::
::FIL LATORRE (Housepitality, Common Ground, Staple | SF)::