Friday, June 28, 2013

=DYSTOPIA= Presents "SUMMER SELECTORS" :: Featuring ERIC RIGGSBEE (Mirage Kru, Breakthru) and RICKY SWITCH (Shelter, ATB Studios, Distant Relatives)

“This is our land. A land of peace and of plenty. A land of harmony and hope. This is our land. Oceania.

These are our people. The workers, the strivers, the builders. These are our people.

The builders of our world, struggling, fighting, bleeding, dying. On the streets of our cities and on the far-flung battlefields.

Fighting against the mutilation of our hopes and dreams. Who are they?” ~*1984

︻╦╤─ ︻╦╤─ FREE YOUR SELF on JUNE 28TH ─╤╦︻ ─╤╦︻

Take back your freedoms and join us for our Drum and Bass monthly right here in the East Bay - Dystopia, every fourth Friday of the month hosted by Primitive Science. Come get lobotomized to the tunes of Drum & Bass talent from all over the landscape and indoctrinated by the verses of our MC's!

JUNE equals INCREDIBLE talent that we are pleased to welcome for our 30TH installment...

▼★▲★▼★▲Featuring The Thought Police Of This Auditory Ballad:▲★▼★▲★▼

✣|✣|✣|✣| ERIC RIGGSBEE (Mirage Kru, Breakthru, Ralph Gracie, Oakland) |✣|✣|✣|✣


Eric Riggsbee’s music path started when he was age six taking up the piano, and by age nine was looking for something more his groove. By age ten Eric started playing the drums, starting his own band at age twelve and playing through out the bay area up until age twenty two in bands ranging from Jazz to Metal. His DJ career started in 1998 playing Breaks and throwing his own parties in Santa Cruz, Oakland and San Francisco. His musical styles over the years included many genres of Breaks ranging from Funky Florida Electro Breaks to UK Nu-Skool to Booty Breaks.

Eric Riggsbee’s zipper smooth mixing style within the vinyl format, exceptional music selection and tight programing have gained him the reputation for creating fun ass shaking music, that always get people on the dance floor. It has been said if you don’t dance to Eric’s music you might not have a pulse.

Eric Riggsbee has shared the turntables with incredible DJs over the last 15 years like Simply Jeff, Meat Katie, Bassnectar, Antenae, Felix the Dog, Boy George, UFO!, Bob V., Sarah Delush, Dulce Vita, A:DUBL, Professor Bang, Dj Icon, Ms. E, Dov, Gabe Real, Dj Sharp, Eric Spire, Lexxus, Clockwork, Johnny Fiasco, Chris Vierra, Madame Mercury, Aaron Jae, Greg J, Dig Dug, Buna, Charlotte the Barroness, Method One, Jorgen, Frank Nitty, Jim Hopkins, Push, and Dj Ghost. He has also had support from MC’s like Audio Angel, MC Child, and MC Duh.

✣|✣|✣|✣| RICKY SWITCH (Shelter, ATB Studios, Distant Relatives) |✣|✣|✣|✣


✣|✣ CIVILIANSOUND! w/ AUDIO ANGEL (Dubs Alive, Frontage, Soundlaab OC) ✣|✣


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✣|✣|✣ SOBEEZE (IRS, Vendetta, Dystopia) ✣|✣|✣


Sobeeze started his journey into DnB back in 1997 when he and his homie Kaifeng decided to throw an underground estate party. Every since then, the town of Altadena has never been the same. The sounds of Dom and Roland blasted through the windows, awakening Sobeeze's conscience, telling him to enter into the DJ scene without fear. This SoCal mixologist, representing Los Angeles, moved to Oakland in 2008 with the intent of continuing to make the masses move to some heavy and funky beats. His unique selection of liquid, jump-up, neuro, darkstep, funk, and hip-hop always keeps the crowd guessing and grooving on the dance floor.