Shanna Doherty Photography | Navid at Sunset Campout Photos and Videos

For Navid

This gallery of images and video is dedicated to my friend Navid Hakimi, AKA Navid Izadi. Sadly he died in a plane crash along with is mother, Floria, on Aug 5th, 2018.

I took most of these images and video at Sunset Campout the weekend before. Some at the end are some art images I made using apps.

I had seen Navid a couple times since then and he had asked be both times when the images and video would be ready to view. He was excited to see them and he said I always nailed it when it came to taking photos.

I regret not getting the images and video posted in time for him to see them. I was busy celebrating my Birthday weekend.

The last time I saw Navid was on my Birthday Aug 4th. He was at the birthday party at Underground SF in the Lower Haight. We had a chance to catch up a bit more than we did at campout.

I told him I saw on his Instagram that he had a kid! I was surprised. He said that it was a little rough at first but once he stepped up to the plate it was the best thing ever. He loved his son so much and his little guy adored him. He said it was such an amazing experience and it had changed him in so many positive ways.

I told him I would get the images and video up soon. He gave me a hug and said I love you. I told him I loved him.


One of my favorite tracks he did was played at a memorial type DJ set by my friend Darrell Tenaglia's at Slinky Campout. The song was played for one of my best friends, Amanda Allen. She lost her life along with 35 others in the Oakland Ghost Ship Fire. You can hear the first song edited with Amanda Allen’s voice and laugh in it here:

The full track by Navid can be heard here:

Psychemagik - Mink & Shoes feat Navid Izadi:

A mix he did:

Navid Izadi - Feelin' Purple:

Navid Izadi - Lost in the Fold:

Navid Izadi - Ain't Got The Time:

Here are some articles about him and some have some of his music on there: