Housepitality | Wednesdays @ F8, 1192 Folsom

Brought to you by Michael Tello and Miguel Solari every Wednesday night at F8, 1192 Folsom. Housepitality is San Francisco's premiere underground music industry weekly. We bring world class talent to the professional midweek crowd who are obviously serious about the music and having fun. We got you!

Residents: (alphabetically)
Fil Latorre
Joel Conway
Matt Richardson
Michael Tello
Miguel Solari
Mike Bee
Navid Izadi
Sharon Buck
Sean Murray
Tyrel Williams
Victor Vega

Founders: Mikey Tello & Miguel Solari

CEO: Bai-ee

Logistics/Our Boss: Sarah Tedder

Floor Manager: Victor Vega

Promotions and Chief Dancing Officer: Luke David Nasaw

Admission Specialist: Joanna Marie

Resident Mixologist: McKenzie Boyle

Art Coordinator: Rene Pamela Kindinger

Website: www.housepitalitysf.com

Up to the minute event details on Twitter. Follow @housepitalitysf