Tribute to Chelsea Faith Dolan:
I only knew Chelsea for a short amount of time but I can easily say I was her #1 fan. Not to say that in a creepy way or anything but I was. This is actually one joke Chelsea and me had together. I would basically stalk her, again not in a creepy way, when she played out. She would often play out DJing or performing one of her insanely good live sets. I would run up to the front of the DJ booth and yell at her,
“ I’M YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN!!!” while pointing at myself frantically. ”OVER HERE, ME !!” It would of course make her laugh and smile.
Her live sets where some of the best music I have heard out in San Francisco. She blew me away with her talent. This lovely music producer had an amazing ear for the deep house sound that I love so much. She had such a great sense of what deep house really is!
She was a lady of many talents, names, and skill sets. She even had her own radio show on KALX at 90.7FM or She was super knowledgeable about music. Each show focused on a different style of music like she enjoyed like Detroit house, Italo disco, acid music, and UK breakbeat.
I wish I had more time to get to know her better. She was so amazingly talented and had THE best tastes in music. Please see for yourself and listen to her tracks she made. Incredible! Her music lives on. I love her and miss her so much.
Cherushii Music link:
One of my favorite tracks she made, by Cherushii - Lake of the Sorrows:
Youtube Chelsea Faith :
Cherushii – Nightsteps:
Cherushii - Far Away So Close:
Cherushii - Queen of Cups (100% Silk):
Cherushii - Everything Is In Color:
Cherushii - Cabo Blanco:
Cherushii ft. Golden Donna - Indigo Wave:
Cherushii - Sunburst In My Sequencer:
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