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Tribute for Johnny Igaz.
Shout out to Johnny Igaz:
Johnny was such a unique guy, amazing friend, thoughtful and always there when you needed someone to talk to. He had such a chill nice vibe about him.
I offend talked to him about my frustrations with men. Not sure why ha ha. He was so easy to talk to I guess. Our talks would usually be on the sidelines of the dance floor, out supporting our friends performing live or DJing. One time I was saying how many people have so many rules about dating. I had no idea there were so many rules ( I am horrible at that stuff) and I thought that was dumb. His reply, said with his side smirk smile, ” Well Shanna, rules are made for breaking.”
He seemed to say just the right thing to make you go “ huh, yea, you are right, that is a good way to think about it.”
We also shared the love for D E V O and saw them together live.
One time I posted on Facebook that I really miss those days when someone would make me a mix tape on a cassette. There was something so special about someone sitting there, taking the time to select the play list and hit the record button, pause, record again specifically for you. Not to mention the custom playlists and cassette covers involved.
You guessed it, Johnny saw me out dancing one night and handed me a custom made mix tape, old school style, with a custom cover and play list just for me. What a guy! So thoughtful! The deal was that I now needed to make him one. On the cover is has an old black and white image of Bill Cosby in full tennis gear and Johnny made a bubble with Bill saying, “ All Vinyl, baby!” (Side note, the tape was given to me way before the news got out about Bill Cosby being a creeper.)
After about a year, I finally made him his mix tape titled “ Rules are made for Breaking” and got it to him. He would make jokes about me taking a long time but I finally pulled through.
Being the photographer that I am, I like to document everything. I just so happened to photograph the mix tape I made him. I did not have a copy of the tape for myself and wanted to remember what I made for him. I forgot I had done that and came across the images when looking for images to post after the Ghost Ship Fire.
A few months before the Ghost Ship Fire, Johnny stopped by my house to pick up some music gear and he handed me a gift. Again, such a thoughtful guy.! The gift was a patch that was an Alternative Scouting patch. Like the ones you get in cub scouts or blue birds when you are a kid, a merit badge. This one was for Curses and Hexes!!!!! He did not know me when I was younger but I was rather witchy and gothic at one point. The gift was so on point. I have to put it one something soon.
I really miss your on the dance floor wisdom and outlook on life. You are truly missed my friend.
Love you, mean it Johnny.
Rest in beats spud boy. We are alllllllll D E V O !!!!!
DEVO - Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA:
Devo - Smart Patrol/Mr DNA LIVE:
See images of the mix tapes we exchanged, Johnny and his other recent gift in this post.
Some photos are not mine.
They Sleep, We Live :
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Albums: Virex, Diner #8 - Night System, Night System
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