Shanna Doherty Photography | 7/24/13 - HUNEE, CONOR [3hr set], & COLE

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

H O U S E P I T A L I T Y delivers the sweet with this exclusive set from one of the most acclaimed disco house producers in Berlin, along with SF's most acclaimed disco voice:

::HUNEE (Rush Hour/Future Times | Berlin)::
::CONOR (No Way Back | San Francisco)::

Groove Lounge:

::COLE (oWNERSHIP, Happiest Hours | SF)::



Hunee is a good eater. He comes from a grey and boring city, where heavy industrialization and green forests go hand in hand. In his teenage years, he used to colour this environment with rap and soul music.
Now being a Berlin resident for almost ten years – he eats bumpin’ disco for breakfast, heats up deep jackin’ music for lunch and slows it soulfully down for dinner. In the night he prefers to spend his time cookin a special meal on the turntables. He is a good swimmer too – when he’s out of the water, he makes records for labels like feel music, w.t. records, internasjonal and retreat...



Komtur was one of the cruelest knights that lived in Germany in the 13th century. One year, he forced the local farm workers to build him a great castle using whips and extreme torture to persuade them. One year later the castle was finished and the farmers were starving. Then Komtur informed them that they had one month to plant 100 fully mature beech trees around the castle. If they failed this impossible task their wives and children would be fed to his dogs. This arose such paganism that one woman arranged a deal with Satan. He would plant the trees if she supplied him with a newly born human. Satan kept his part of the bargain but the church heard of this and began to bless everything in sight. After many failures the woman was cursed and an enormous black spider burst out of her face. THE BLACK PLAGUE HAD ARRIVED...



(I wrote my own bio since I can't find one for him as a DJ)

Cole is an amazing musician, multi-instrumentalist, and a DJ with a music collection that goes deeper than the Mariana Trench. When not working with the Blue Bear School of Music, which provides music instruction to children from all walks of life, he is writing music for, and playing with, his band oWNERSHIP.

He's also good at DJing. Super good. Love this guy.